How We Are SEO Experts

SEO ExpertsAt Listy Thailand, we strive to offer the best online marketing and ranking services for all of our clients. Given that our team has over 75+ years experience combined, we are well-rounded in online marketing, and this includes SEO. Over time, we have learned that it is better to be honest and open with our clients regarding our ranking methodologies and results. This means we make sure to let our clients know that we can never guarantee to rank their website or listing on the first page of popular search engines. Furthermore, we tell them to be leery of companies who claim that they can. The reason for this is because search engines, like Google, have such a complex algorithm that a lot of factors are simply out of reach to manipulate. What we can guarantee is that we will optimize every aspect that is possible to give our client’s business or businesses the greatest opportunity to rank. This is among the many reasons we consider ourselves to be experts in SEO, because our company will always be truthful with clients when it comes to realistic possibilities and results.

As many businesses and individuals have learned the hard way, any company can create a website and claim to be an SEO expert, but we are not a start-up company. Our team’s long track record of proven results constantly sets us above every competitor in the ranking market. Because of our extensive knowledge in online marketing and our vast experience dealing with numerous customers, we are able to look at any website and immediately know what has to happen for that particular site to get more traffic. Individuals or companies that are mediocre or beginners will try basic and standard techniques on every site they service, which will ultimately only have a small impact. Our services are clear, and time has shown us that each individual site is different and requires its own unique prescription for success.

Search engine optimization has three levels: technical, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. The technical aspect of SEO refers to the bones and foundation of a site. This is going to be the determining factor for how easily or how complicated it will be for a search engine to crawl and index the content that is on the page. On-page optimization refers to certain keywords or HTML tags that are going to ensure that the search engine traffic has a better shot of being directed to your site, while off-page optimization refers to link-building. Because we are so good at what we do, we have a complete understanding for how to manipulate and shape every one of these factors to our clients’ benefit. Too many companies make promises based on a one-dimensional approach to addressing only one or two of these issues, but at Listy Thailand, we comprehend the significance of all three aspects to search engine optimization. Content is a driving factor behind SEO, so if it is buried too far in the site, then every other marketing tactic used for ranking is going to be for nothing. We understand that there are certain technical limitations search engines may encounter, but what is more important is that we understand how to articulate thes
e issues to the developers of the site so they can be addressed.

seo thailandVerified as the best SEO expert Phuket has ever known, our proficiency stems from our ability to adapt to our customers. Ultimately, every client has a different end-goal to their projects, but we know the importance of conversion to any site. Yes, it is essential to rank a site as high as possible in all of the popular search engines, but we recognize that our clients make money through converting site visitors into customers. We want to not only make this goal a
reality, but we want to do so while formulating excellent customer
relations with every part of our client’s team. Given our experience, we have learned that this is the best way to foster relationships all while building our integrity. Communication is key to doing this, and at Listy Thailand we have a passion for collaborating and executing plans efficiently. We are interested in w
hat the future of SEO has in store for us, and to maintain our expertise, we make sure to spark curiosity within every department so we can continue to evolve moving forward.

Benefits of Doing Local SEO


local SEOIn order to understand and appreciate the benefits of doing local SEO, it is important to know what this is. Local SEO refers to higher search engine rankings if a potential customer is searching in a certain area. Certain statistics suggest that 97% of users utilize search engines to research local services and products, with around 90% of Google search results never surpassing the loaded results on the first page and the second page only being considered as a second choice. This type of ranking is essential for businesses that want to be recognized in their home market and the only way to achieve this is to focus on local SEO. Traditionally, ranking a site is achieved and based on how many links are received from other sites, so a site with more links will ultimately get a higher ranking and more traffic. In reference to local sites, these particular sites are only significant in certain areas, so search engines have to assist with many aspects besides links. Regardless the size of a business or company, local SEO is a real game changer.

Of the many benefits that surface thanks to local SEO, the most obvious one that is significant is that it will help improve and enhance the search engine ranking. This also means it is going to assist in helping businesses get to the first page ranking on popular search engines. Ultimately these two factors help to increase a number of issues like leads, sales, and even conversions. Websites are going to have an increased visibility to every possible customer that is out there because if a website is found in local search terms, this means searcher most often click more than other sites. What this means is that there is going to be increased traffic to whatever business a particular site is promoting, because that site is going to have more targeted visits. If the right visitors are targeted through good planning and strategy, this means that there will be more sales on a site.

In participating in local SEO, companies will experience less competition. Of course, this depends on the business itself, but if companies that could service a national or international client-base only focus their search engine optimization on the local front, they will inevitably have less competition. Often, this can really work in the favor of businesses as they are able to narrow in the scope of audience they really should be targeting. With local SEO, businesses often see much quicker results than with traditional SEO. This is because local ranking is offered to a much smaller demographic that conventional ranking. Even more, local search engine optimization helps companies see a higher return on investment (ROI) much more easily. This again is because it caters to less competition than other forms of marketing, so there is a positive correlation with achieving higher listings in search engines, thus higher conversion.

At Listy Thailand, we have proven to be the best SEO expert Phuket has ever known because we have mastered the art of orchestrating local SEO. We know the benefits of ranking locally because we have witnessed it first hand. Because of this, one of our initiatives is to bolster the prominence of local search engine optimization for our clients, because we truly believe that good marketing starts on the local stage and then should broadcast out further. If anybody visiting would like more info, please email

Why it is too hard to try and DIY SEO


Most people have absolutely no idea what search engine optimization actually is, and this includes business owners and newbies to the online marketing world. In acknowledging this, SEO really has worked its way into the everyday speech of a lot of wayward business owners, but still continues to be a perplexing and complicated line of work that many fail to grasp. To even divulge ranking as a job description or formula to unknowing ears is a difficult feat, so it makes sense why it is too hard for businesses owners to attempt to DIY their SEO needs.

DIY SEOYes, there is an enormous amount of detailed and widely read information about SEO on the internet. Like with anything, there are always going to be individuals who would rather take all of the money they could be spending on online market, invest that into traditional marketing schemes, all while reading up on how to do their own SEO. Yet, as we have discovered very often, Google isn’t the answer to everything. Just because Google and YouTube have loads of information regarding SEO does not mean that this is an area just anyone can excel. Often, the information that is found on the internet about SEO tends to be incorrect, overreaching, and all together unrealistic. Ultimately, this communicates false information to people, allowing them to believe that investing in their company’s online marketing campaign and widening their online presence is a waste of money and time. Sure, there are guru’s out there that may have some base knowledge in the field, so tackling their own ranking strategies may actually work for them. But realistically, most people do not have the knowledge or skill set it has taken the experts numerous years to truly understand and develop.

One of the reasons DIY SEO fails is because people are only reading the information that preaches a ‘one-size-fits-all’ rhetoric. This doesn’t work in normal life, and this isn’t going to work for SEO. This type of blanketing effect may prove to have small, short-lasting benefits for a companies’ marketing ambitions, but overall, it will fail to deliver long-term and lasting results. Generalizing companies marketing needs is one of the first incorrect steps to ensuring the development of the online presence, and most of the resources online about search engine optimization are only to inform the general public; they aren’t published so people can put them to practice on just any issue. Each business has its own unique characteristics that require customized ranking schemes that will never be found through a DIY book or article for beginners.

When people decide to participate in the gamble of DIY marketing, they run the risk of running up their own expenses. Ranking suggestions that are found in books, video tutorials, or online articles are not going to always be a fail safe for every business. In order to discover what works best and what falls flat, a business may end up spending a lot of money without seeing very much return on investment. Often, the amount of money that is wasted in learning from mistakes could have been spent with a capable online digital marketing team who has already encountered all the pitfalls and knows what mistakes not to repeat.

Furthermore, average people simply do not have the time that is necessary to devote to doing their own online marketing. If a business or individual is interested in getting their website to rank, chances are they are very busy working on the aspects of their projects and profiles that make them successful and worthwhile. This is even more true for a start-up business that is at the beginning stages. In attempting to dabble in DIY SEO, it is important to recognize that there are also other facets to a business like administration, financials/budgeting, sales, and often, customer service. This takes up an ungodly amount of time, especially newer businesses that are still trying to lace up their bootstraps. So, if one were to add developing and fostering an online digital marketing scheme into the mix of business relations, it is completely logical to say that there is no way a business or individual is going to have the time to properly manage this for themselves.

Online marketing companies, like Listy Thailand, are the solution to any DIY marketer’s issues. Proving to be the best SEO expert Phuket has ever seen, their skill sets, experience, and reputation go far beyond what anyone could ever do on their own. Offering a wide array of services, they really will prove why DIY search engine optimization is too hard for anyone to properly do. If anybody visiting would like more info, please email