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4 Reasons SEO Is A Solid Investment For Small Businesses In Thailand

In the past, the idea of a small business taking the time to build a website was something that people scoffed at. It wasn’t a decision that seemed very sensible. As far as many small company owners were concerned, the cost of owning and maintaining a website was far too large. It was a notion that seemed to be reserved for much larger businesses. A few years back, many small business owners decided to go against the norm. They began operating blogs and having websites created on their behalf. Before anyone could blink an eye, these businesses were doing better …

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Is Your Location Data Accurate?

2016 should be a very exciting time for the marketing industry. As 2015 draws to an end, experts lay out their predictions for next year’s trends, which could affect business location data, which makes the constant attention to detail imperative. Whatever methods are agreed or contested upon, it has become knowledge of the importance of accurate, up to date data for your business. Surprisingly enough, companies and brands do not spend considerable time monitoring their data health, it never has been of paramount importance nor has the true value been recognized. Most would disregard data by assuming it’s importance was …

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